Whoever you are, you deserve to be seen,

to be understood

and to thrive.

Discover the best fit for you

I offer short-term and long-term therapy, as well as coaching, in English and Romanian, in Amsterdam, or online.
I specialise in systemic therapy, so we can talk in depth about your circumstances, patterns of behaviour and relationships. I also integrate elements of schema therapy, mindfulness and emotion-focused therapy (EFT) into my therapeutic approach, depending on your goals, your style, and what you’d like to overcome.

Individual Therapy

Personal challenges don’t exist in a void. They develop within larger systems, such as your family, friends and work environment. We all deal with so many social and cultural changes that we can’t always cope healthily or find the perfect space to fit in.
Through individual therapy, we investigate your complaints within the bigger picture: your interactions with your specific environment. Our goal is to pinpoint unhealthy behavioural patterns, switch them for more functional ones and learn a new thing or two about ourselves as empowered adults.
I’ve helped my clients deal with depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, traumatic experiences and all kinds of fears and limiting beliefs. This being said, I won’t define you as a simple list of symptoms. Let’s address you as a whole person.

Investment: €90*

for a 50-minute session
* If you can’t afford the fee, we might be able to reduce it. Reach out to discuss.

Couples therapy

Do you feel stuck in conflict with your partner, over and over again? Are you unsure of how to find your way back to each other? Or have you lost the ‘why’ behind your partnership and your connection with each other’s needs?
I can help you get to the bottom of your conflicts and damaging relationship dynamics, through my method rooted in systemic therapy and emotional focused therapy. Through emotional connection, a solution-oriented mindset and a few useful tools, you can heal deeply.

Investment: €140*

for a 75-minute session  (excluding BTW)
* If you can’t afford the fee, we might be able to reduce it. Reach out to discuss.

Expat coaching

Becoming an expat can throw a wrench into the already complicated balance of so many different roles and identities. That surely happened to me in 2013! Right after the initial Dutch culture shock, I felt the huge pressure to not only ‘make it’ and perform at the highest standard in my new company, but also to fit in socially, ploughing through so many unknowns.
Do you feel the same overwhelm that I did? If you want to develop your own practical toolkit for managing loneliness, adapting to a new life or forging your own career path, all while learning more about yourself, I can help.

Investment: €90*

for a 50-minute session (excluding BTW)
* If you can’t afford the fee, we might be able to reduce it. Reach out to discuss.

How it works

When we work together, you have me by your side throughout the whole process of personal development, until you get to see the results of your hard work in your day-to-day life. 

This is how the following weeks or months can look like for you:

  • You meet me for a free consultation, on the phone. You take your time to decide if I’m right for you: Can you fit our sessions in your schedule? Can you relate to my therapeutic approach? Can you imagine yourself trusting me more and more, session after session?
  • For the first 2-3 sessions, we work on uncovering your complaints, experiences and the lens through which you view the world. I’m all ears. I guide you through your own discovery, through questions and suggestions. Then, we decide together on a set of inspiring and realistic goals to work toward. Now we have a plan!
  • As we work through your challenges, new topics come up and we might shift gears. Please know that it’s normal. The road to healing is not a straight line.
  • You get to integrate your insights outside the therapy room, in your day-to-day life.
  • If you usually prefer face-to-face therapy sessions, but one week you’re on the road, we can meet online instead.

What happens in the therapy room sparks many ‘aha’ moments. However, lasting psychological change only comes to light once you step out into the real world. In your usual surroundings and within your social circles. Hearing about the impact of our work in new situations is what fills my heart with joy the most.

Together, we can make a practical difference in how you feel, the decisions you make and the way you interact with others, with a renewed sense of fulfillment and health.

Are you open to adding a new tool to your toolbox, to think and feel differently?

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