About Me

I am Bianca Faur.

An accredited NIP psychologist (in Dutch: basispsycholoog). I hold both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degrees from the University of Groningen, where I specialized in clinical psychology. I also hold a Post-BSc diploma in coaching and counseling from the Academy for Coaching and Counseling. Moreover, I’m actively training in systemic psychotherapy at the Aeropagus Institute of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice until 2024.

I am a strong proponent of systemic therapy and integrate elements of schema therapy, mindfulness and emotion-focused therapy (EFT) into my therapeutic approach, depending on the case. It is through this eclectic lens of therapy that I’ve helped clients from all walks of life and with diverse experiences, from undergrads and PhD’s to working professionals, for the past 4 years, at Inter-being and later through my own practice. I work in both Amsterdam as well as online.

Your journey to recovery

You might deal with one or more of the following complaints or topics, just like my previous clients:
Stress and Worrying
Fears and Phobias
Traumatic Experiences
Adapting to a new life
Accepting your identity
Balancing work and life
Communication and Relationships
No issue is too complex to approach in our therapy sessions. And almost no case fits into a predetermined box. After all, you are not a mere list of symptoms, but a unique person, living within a system of communities, thinking patterns and habits.

Here is how I am different

A few things about me, that might help you decide to get in touch.

Human Connection, Professional Care

Bianca the therapist is the same as Bianca the human. During our therapy sessions, we talk on the same level. Relaxed and open, with no therapy jargon - unless you prefer it. I am here not only to empower you to manage life’s challenges in a healthy manner, but also to model a secure attachment.

Discovering Your True Needs

You might first ask me for one specific type of help and then, through conversation, we might discover that you actually need something else from me. I am always keen to explore your true needs, right from the beginning. We will then set goals together, to make sure we keep on track and use your time and energy wisely.

Empowerment at Your Pace

I am happy to give you the space to open up whenever you are ready. You can share what you feel confortable in our first consultation call (which is free!) or ask questions.

I specialize in systemic therapy while working with expats

This means that we can talk in depth about your circumstances, patterns of behaviour and relationships. It is a practical and explorative approach, which helps us find viable solutions. I also integrate elements of systemic therapy, schema therapy, mindfulness and emotion-focused therapy (EFT) into my therapeutic approach, depending on my clients’ specific situation.

Relatable and Multicultural Approach

I am Romanian and have been an expat in the Netherlands myself since 2013. If you’re looking for someone who can relate to this side of your identity, or if you prefer talking in Romanian, I’m your person.

Your Safe and Warm Haven

My first job, before anything else, is to offer you a safe and warm environment. Acceptance, respect and trust are vital for working through meaningful personal topics.

Your path to support and clarity

I understand that asking for help from a therapist or coach can feel like a scary step. If you have any questions before making this decision, ask away through my contact page and I will get back to you.
Or maybe…
If you’re ready to jump right in and chat with me, let’s arrange a free 20-minute consultation call.

Are you open to adding a new tool to your toolbox, to think and feel differently?

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