Therapy that fits your real life and your ambitious goals

Systemic therapy for expats, in Amsterdam or online.

Here’s the thing…

We live in a complex and interconnected world. We have so many decisions to make every day, interactions to handle, and energy levels to manage. Sometimes, it all becomes a bit much or a lot.

Whoever you are, you deserve to be seen,

to be understood

and to thrive.

I believe that no one should hurt alone.

Let’s create an open and supportive environment for you, where you can see yourself as you are, accept your real needs and take meaningful steps toward getting better.
I can help you deal successfully with the lemons life throws at you - whether it’s by making lemonade out of them, throwing them back even harder, or saving them for later.

To be more precise…

I offer:

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy


There’s strength in asking for help

If you aren’t sure what you need to get to a healthy, comfortable and inspiring space…
… or if you’d like to move through life with more ease and confidence in your own decisions…
Know that you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

Are you open to adding a new tool to your toolbox, to think and feel differently?

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